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Martin Luther King Videos

The Best Martin Luther King Video collection on the Web!
Watch video clips of Martin Luther King's famous speeches such as I Have a Dream and I've Been to the Mountaintop as well as music videos, archival and recent news footage, tv episodes, and video remixes of Dr. King's speeches!

UPDATE: While these videos may still be available on youtube, many of them may be in violation of copyright and we will not include them. We will re-include links if and when we find videos available in the public domain or used with permission. If you know of any such public domain videos of Martin Luther King, please email us.

Videos of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Speeches

Video Title Video Description Length

Martin Luther King's
"I Have a Dream" Speech

The I Have a Dream Speech Video is no longer available for free online

EMI on behalf of The King Center has enforced their copyright and ordered its removal from YouTube. They will sell you or your school a copy for $10 at, or you can buy the I Have a Dream DVD on Amazon ($8.97)

"I Have a Dream" Speech - Summary, Background, Copyright info, and Discussion Questions

Inspiring fact:
Martin Luther King Jr. received a "C" in his public speaking class. Although with his passion and overcoming adversity he delivered one of the most famous speeches of all time.


Martin Luther King Jr's last speech -
"I've Been to the Mountaintop"

Real footage of Martin Luther King's last speech, entitled "I've Been to the Mountaintop". Prophetic words, the day before he was assasinated.

"I've Been to the Mountaintop" Speech - Read background, quotes and listen to an excerpt from the speech.


"How Long? Not Long!"

Dr. King's speech after completing the Selma to Montgomery March

"How Long? Not Long" Speech - Read background, quotes and link to full speech


"Where Do We Go From Here?" / "I'm Black and Beautiful"

Address to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (1967-08-16). Quotes and full audio of the speech below.
Dr. King on the Vietnam War Video excerpts from "Evidence of Revision", a 6-DVD, 10 hour long documentary series that presents suppressed historical audio, video, and film recordings largely unseen by the public... 09:31
Proud to be Maladjusted " . . . . And I never intend to adjust myself to economic conditions that will take necessities of from the many to give luxuries to the few . . . " 01:21
Martin Luther King Jr on Socialism Was Martin Luther King Jr. a socialist? 03:03
Meet the Press Inverview The Legacy of MLK: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Calls for Public Opposition to Vietnam War on Meet the Press
"Letter From Birhmingham Jail" (Video Reinaction)

Cory Jones as Martin Luther King, Jr. Directed by Ya'Ke Smith.

Actor starts talking at 4:12 and it goes with the 48 paragraph letter word for word

Democracy Now on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last speech Video of Democracy Now coverage of Martin Luther King's Been to the Mountaintop Speech (audio). MLK was assassinated the next day. 07:58
"A Knock at Midnight" (audio)

Martin Luther King's "A Knock at Midnight" sermon with video clips of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement. 07:24
"Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam" (audio) Martin Luther King speaks out against the Vietnam War. Audio 22:42

Martin Luther King Jr News Videos

Video Title Video Description Length
Robert F. Kennedy's Statement on Dr. King's Death - Montage

Robert Kennedy's statement on the day of Martin Luther King's Assassination. Photo Montage. 09:59
Peace Protests of 1967 TV News Footage - "Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King leads the procession to the United Nations where he urges UN pressure to force the US to stop bombing North Vietnem"

Martin Luther King Assassinated
Google Video link to news report video clip surrounding Dr. King's tragic death.



Misc Martin Luther King Jr Videos

Video Title Video Description Length
Martin Luther King Jr on Boondocks - The Return of the King
The Boondocks -
"Return of the King"
When Martin Luther King comes out of a coma after 32 years and finds himself thrust into the 21st century and life in the post-September 11 era, his "turn the other cheek" philosophy quickly takes him from beloved national hero to despised terrorist sympathizer.

Barack Obama Speaks at Dr. King's Church On the day before the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, Senator Barack Obama delivers a speech to the congregation of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. 34:00
Barack Obama on Tavis Smiley: Dr. King and safety As a guest of Tavis Smiley, Barack discusses Dr. Martin Luther King and personal safety. October 18, 2007 03:45
Barack Obama: We Shall Overcome Photo montage of Barack Obama featuring Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech known as "We Shall Overcome" (June 17, 1966) and the song "Cheer Up" by Peter Tosh and Bob Marley.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service: Now is the Time
Now Is The Time... is a 6 minute video to promote the MLK Day of Service to all potential partners - nonprofit, corporate and business, schools and higher education, etc.


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